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2016 Festival For The Future

We are big fans of the Festival for the Future and following on from our crowd-favourite ‘Wild Ambitions’ game from last year, wanted to again support the festival by running a creative, immersive workshop.  This year we wanted to focus on helping attendees make the most of what they experience and learn at the festival and help them take their ideas forward into the world.

Our ‘Game of Pathways’ was designed to help attendees better understand themselves in terms of their passion in life and how to stay resilient in their journey to follow that passion.  Themed around a journey, attendees had the chance to have fun with lego, building and developing a ship that represented them, how they practiced personal resilience and their mental and emotional journeys.  At the end of each workshop attendees had the opportunity to write a letter to their ‘future selves’ which we will post back to them in six month’s time.

“I really liked the game aspect and how creativity was used as a way of exploring and exchanging thoughts. This workshop was a good starting point for asking yourself the types of questions you never get around to asking.  It’s easy to get side-tracked, so it’s good to do this type of work alongside other people – the workshop was very conducive for asking these types of questions.” Myriam, Student



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