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Mini-golf Workshop

In preparation for an upcoming installation event in Silo Park, Auckland, we ran an exploration workshop creating models for mini-golf courses.

The session involved multiple activities and facilitation towards diffuse thinking to generate ideas and followed a progression to help develop the best mindset for this. The first two activities built comfort within the group followed by a brainstorming session that looked at mini-golf: what it really is, what makes a good experience and what are the details that need to be considered when making a course. This collectively focused the group on the creative boundaries for the hands-on part of the session – making a micro-golf course! Think of it as a scaled mini-golf course. 2 teams built their courses through clay, card and drawings on top of cardboard cut to mimic the shape of the venue. The final activity was a presentation and review of what was created and what should happen next.

It was a high energy event that was well received by the community and produced fantastic ideas.




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