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The Cigarette Butts

We were commissioned by Auckland Council to develop, install and measure the effects of four different creative approaches to promote correct cigarette littering (i.e. not putting cigarette butts on the ground) in the Auckland CBD.

The intent of the project was to experiment and test the different approaches in order to reveal key learning that could be taken forward in future projects.  Taking a research-based creative approach to behaviour change, we worked with several artists to create the activations, with each one focused on a different hypothesis of change.

Our four activations included a chalk carpet installed outside a local bakery, a voting booth in a lane surrounded by busy bars, a miniature town diorama outside a karaoke bar and heat sensitive stickers on a bin in a busy pedestrian sidewalk.  All were designed to engage, delight and inform through fun, creative interations.

For more information, there is a great write-up over at The Big Idea.

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