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We develop cultures of Innovation, Resilience and Engagement.  Through Creativity, Wellbeing and Play methodologies we create bespoke approaches to whatever challenge we jump into. Creative ideation workshops, training and learning through games and play, mental toughness and development through wellbeing – in everything we do our focus is on developing rich, deep engagement.


As creative facilitators we share and draw out learnings, methods and insights through creative practices. Through our own creative backgrounds, and tapping into our diverse network of experts, we have a wide range of tools at our disposal – ensuring we design original approaches and unique experiences.


As wellness practitioners we incorporate mindfulness, wellbeing and mental toughness behaviours into everything we do.  Helping people get into their flow, the right mindstate and focus is essential to the work we do. We want to do more than just scratch the surface – we want to get to the heart of an issue and truly understand it’s impact.


As game designers our processes and frameworks involve play, immersive design and bespoke game experiences. We create fun, interactive and immersive delivery methods that are grounded in research and key insights. Our goal is to co-create environments where everyone feels free and open and has the tools to express, share and learn – welcome to our Open (play) Fort.


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